Eddie and Sue Arthur

Who Says What Africa Needs?

An American author tells us what Africa needs and an African disagrees. Who should we be listening to?

What We Are Supposed to Do

Christians are not called upon to organise a movement to counter the powers of paganism. They are called upon to be witnesses to Him who is sovereign over history

Looking at Mission Through Metaphorical Lenses

Four different ways of looking at mission, some of which are more helpful than others.

Crowd-Sourced Book Recommendations

I keep telling you what books you should read; now it’s your turn to recommend books on mission.

Getting the Cart and the Horse in the Right Order

No, mission isn’t the highest priority for the church, whatever the inspirational posters say.

It’s Not About You; It Might Be About Them

When the focus is on what the “missionary” gets out of the process, it ceases to be mission in any meaningful sense of the word.


Biblical mission is God’s mission. Mission is participation in the mission of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Mission in Crisis

So, as we wrestle with the way that agencies need to adapt and change in the future, we need to bear in mind that their challenges are only one expression of a much deeper, world-wide move of the Spirit of God.

Hard Work, Hard Places, Hard Cash

If we concentrate our funds and our mission effort on places where people become Christians relatively quickly, we will be concentrating on places where, by definition, there are lots of Christians.

Worldliness and Church Growth

There are things that we can do and things that we cannot do with regard to church growth. and focusing simply on numerical church growth is precisely what we cannot do.

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