WEA Mission Commission Consultation

The Majority world is not replacing the western mission, it is joining it

Whose Family History?

We need to study Church history; but we need to study all of it, not just the bits that interest us.

(Not) The Medal Table

Britain may have taken second place in the Rio 2016 medal table, but by other scores, we are not doing quite so well.

They Do It Differently There (and Then)

The church’s role is always to confront the wrongs in society and to point people to Jesus, but it must do so from within the society in a framework that can be understood. So different churches in different places and at different times do things in different ways.

People You’ve Never Heard Of

The Christian faith is growing around the world and for the most part, this is due to God working through people that you’ve never heard of.

Something’s Gotta Change

Over 90% of traditional mission work is directed towards areas where there are already established churches.

Brexit and World Mission

God’s mission is a massive, complex and multinational phenomenon and we can only begin to understand it if we look at it from a standpoint that transcends our national or regional context.

Keep Up!

Can the old wineskin of the Western mission agencies serve the new wine of the rising world mission movement? This is a massive challenge and one which technology alone will not solve.

The End of an Era

Western Christianity was not, as many believed, the guardian of a pure gospel, providing a universal church with a culture-free benchmark of orthodoxy.

Pentecost: Miracles Don’t Happen

The day of Pentecost opened up the door to the reality of a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual church, but it took a lot of struggle and argument before the believers saw that they needed to walk through the door.