Eddie and Sue Arthur

A Few Good Posts

I don’t make a habit of doing the ‘Friday link’ thing – I’m not organised enough, to remember what I’ve read. However, I’ve been struck by a some posts by a few of my favourite bloggers this week:… Read More

What is the Value of Twitter?

I’ve always been somewhat ambivalent about Twitter. I quite enjoy using it, but I also find the limit of 160 characters makes it more or less impossible to say anything at all nuanced. So why do I use… Read More


The internet makes it very easy to publish articles online. However, it is very difficult to actually make money through online publishing, especially if you are not a famous writer. One solution to this is ScribeSub an extremely… Read More

20 Blogs

Mouse was kind enough to include Kouya Chronicle in his list of blogs to watch. This inspired me to draw up my list of the twenty recommended blogs. This doesn’t mean that these are the best blogs out… Read More

The Internet and the World

This picture is an amazing representation of the spread of Facebook around the world. If you are interested in how it was produced, you can read about it here. It is fascinating to look at the places where… Read More

Blog of the Year 2010

A year ago, in my blog of the year post, I wrote: Is it just me, or has blogdom become rather boring of late? There are lots of blogs out there, but very rarely do I come across… Read More

If You Ever Wondered…

… why I write a blog, use twitter or try and do a podcast. You can find the answer to your question and to many others in the interview that I did with Big Bible. Here, for example,… Read More

Living in a Connected World

A few days ago, Phil wrote about the problems of writing online articles which might be aimed at a local audience, but which may have a worldwide readership. Once I could pick my target audience. Magazines and newspapers… Read More

What Next for Kouya Chronicle?

I’ve been considering making a few changes to Kouya Chronicle and I wondered what you, my reader, think about them. Should we change the look? Over time the layout has become rather cramped and I wonder whether I… Read More

You Can’t Trust People in Africa

At least that’s what PayPal and other online companies seem to think. I haven’t been able to use PayPal for two months. I just got profiled for extra security measures on Facebook. I can’t make certain purchases from… Read More

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