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In Praise of Paper Bibles

I can’t listen to twenty-year-old cassettes, but I can still read a 500-year-old Bible. Some technologies are more durable than others.

Stories: East and West

Touching tributes to two greats of the contemporary church; one you will have heard of; the other, perhaps, not.

Stories: Ethiopia

Dereje Tilahun professes, “The Bible is My Life”. During 17 years of Communist rule in Ethiopia, the Word of God sustained Dereje.

Lamin Sanneh: 1942-2019

One of the most important Christian thinkers and influencers in the world died yesterday. Sadly, most evangelicals in Britain will not even have heard of him.

Mission in the News

Some thoughts and further information about John Chau and his mission to the Sentinelese and a good story about Bible translation.

Languages Worthy of Praising God

Are you not ashamed to mention only three tongues, and to command all other nations and tribes to be blind and deaf?

Books I Have Read: Global Humility

If you do the job I do, or train others to do that job, then you should put this on your reading list.

Christianity in the Twentieth Century

A few quotes from a very good book.

Harder than You Might Think

A simple, straightforward chapter of the Bible contains a real gotcha for the translator.

Reasons for Bible Translation: God

We translate the Bible because God is who he is.

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