Spam, spam, spam, spam, spaaam!

Overnight, we were hit by about two hundred spam comments advertising gambling on US sports. At least that’s what they said they were doing, I didn’t follow any of the URL’s to check. I don’t care! We do have moderation software installed that doesn’t allow suspicious comments to be posted to the site without me… Read More »

Theology and Pictures

Thanks to Dave Burke for the link to David Niblack’s web page. Here you can find some theology articles, lots of nice photographs and some free PowerPoint templates. It’s well worth a visit. The image below is an example of David’s pictures. Click on it to see more. This post is more than a year… Read More »

Where I’ve Been

I just found an interesting site where you can make a map of the places you have visited. Despite travelling a fair bit, my map still shows that there are lots of bits of the world that I haven’t visited. The next year should add four or five more countries. create your own visited country… Read More »

A Good Political Read

Those of you who know me well will recognise that I have strong political views which don’t often overlap with the British Conservative party. That being said, even at the height of the Thatcher years, I always had a sneaking regard for the MP for our University town of Bath. That regard grew enormously when… Read More »

Eponymous Town

While we were up north visiting family last week, we spent a couple of hours in Marsden, which is not far from where Sue’s mum lives. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to Marsden despite the fact I’ve been visiting the area for years. This is surprising, because Marsden is Sue’s family name. As… Read More »

Google Earth

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of Google Earth, then you really should. It needs a decent internet connection to run, but it’s well worth the bother. You can view photographs of the whole of the planet, measure distances, tilt the landscape and do all sorts of good stuff. In most of the industrialised world… Read More »

2020: A Correction

A couple of days ago, I posted about an article in Christianity Magazine to which I’d contributed some comments. At that point, I mentioned that the article wasn’t available on their website and that you would have to buy a copy if you wanted to see my thoughts on what world mission would look like… Read More »

On the road again

In the words of ‘Canned Heat’ (sixties rock band for those who don’t recognise them). I’m on the road again. I arrived back in Southampton yesterday morning and today we are heading up north to visit our parents. From the banks of the Niger to the banks of the Wear with a night in Southampton… Read More »