Time To Go Home

Well, the workshop has been pretty good. The last thing we did was to get people to comment on the positives and negatives of the last week. There were lots of positives with a number of translation teams saying that we’d helped them to think about their translation programmes in ways that hadn’t occured to… Read More »

The Church in 2020

I was one of the contributers to an article on the future of the British Church in the latest edition of Christianity Magazine. Unfortunately, they’ve not chosen to put the article on the website, so if you want to read my thoughts on what overseas mission will look like by 2020, you’ll have to pay… Read More »

Workshop Photos

The bits of the paper on the wall are the plan for language development work in a Saharan language. Putting them on the wall like this allows us to move things around until we are happy with how it all works. The silouhette below is hardly flattering unfortunately. This post is more than a year… Read More »


It’s been a pretty good day today. The translation teams that I’m working with have done very well. Lots of good progress in developing plans for the future. I was a little worried at the start, but once they got going, everyone was joining in most entusiastically. I was invited for dinner by a Swiss… Read More »


Well, the workshop started pretty well. I have to admit that I was more than a little apprehensive; quite a few of the participants had said to me that they really didn’t want to have to attend this week. I think that the first day has helped to get people past that point! I hope… Read More »

Picnic by the Niger

I went out with the SIL Niger group this evening for a picnic on a little plateau above the Niger river. It was a lovely cool evening – which meant that we didn’t get a spectacular sunset, but you can’t have everything. What we did have, was a terrific view of the river, some good… Read More »

In Flight Reading

As is my wont, I took a few books out of the library to read while I was travelling. However, the current hand baggage restrictions meant that I couldn’t actually take any of the books I had with me and I was forced to buy something at WH Smiths before boarding my flight. Faced with… Read More »

Flight to Niger

After the terrorist arrests and disruption to flights yesterday, I anticipated that today’s flight to Niamey might be a little stressful. In the end, it wasn’t too bad; here’s the story of the day. My flight from London to Paris was at at half past six in the moring, so Sue and I left home… Read More »


Dear Friends, I’m due to fly to Niamey in Niger for a one week workshop tomorrow. Those of you in the UK will have heard that there is massive disruption to flights to and from the country because of a terrorist threat. At the moment, there are no flights in and out of Heathrow and… Read More »

Cyprus Holiday

We’ve just returned, browner and more relaxed, after two and a half terrific weeks in Cyprus. Many thanks to the Perkins family who allowed us to stay in their lovely village home in Lythrodontas. There are quite a few photographs of our stay in the gallery. A few things stand out as real highlights of… Read More »