My Desk

It may not look like it, but I tidied my desk today! The things that are still around give a good indication of what my working life is like. More or less left to right… A pile of books which I’m currently reading. Three on leadership and one on postmodernity. A file of documents that… Read More »

Leadership Books

I’m working on a module on leadership for my masters and starting a new module means ploughing through lots of books. Over the years, I’ve been exposed to a lot of leadership literature and some of what I had to read for this course was not new. However, there are four books that I’d like… Read More »

From Maintenance to Mission

I was looking online for a sermon to listen to today. In the end, I didn’t turn up an audio file, but I strongly recommend this talk by Dave Burke of Bethany City Church in Sunderland. The title tells you all you need to know, it’s about moving churches from maintenance mode into a missional… Read More »

Maps and Stuff

I’ve just added the rather funky Geoloc visitor map to the sidebar. It’s rather nice and tells you were you are – presumably in case you are not sure. It will also tell you where other visitors to the the site are located. However, the traffic we get here is so small, that the chance… Read More »

His Part of Nairobi

Last week in Nairobi, I bumped into fellow missionary Blogger Paul Merril. I’ve had a sidebar link to Paul’s site for ages now, but I wanted to highlight it a little. Paul has the great ability to still see new and interesting things in African life despite having lived in Nairobi for years now. One… Read More »


Lingamish has posted a comment on one of Sue’s email posts from Madagascar (nice chap that he is) and he mentions that he is looking forward to seeing the photographs. Unfortunately, as some of you know, I had to leave for Kenya within a very short time of Sue’s arrival from Madagascar and while I… Read More »

Why are Africans such “bad” drivers?

I realise that the title of this post is a little controversial, to say the least. However, any European or North American who visits a major African city is likely to be amazed at the way that people drive. This worst driving tends to occur when there are traffic jams. Surprisingly, traffic jams are very… Read More »

The Christian Centre of Gravity

The nice people at Wycliffe Australia have put my essay about the changing face of the World Church on their website. I suspect this is the last time that I’ll be listed alongside such luminaries as Patrick Johnstone and Philp Jenkins, but I’ll take the kudos while I can! The title of my essay isn’t… Read More »


PhoneyBible is a superb little application for you mobile phone which was developed by a friend of our Sam’s. The website says: PhoneyBible is avaible in 34 translations. It allows you to start reading from any book, chapter or verse. From there you can scroll forward or back, or choose somewhere new to read. PhoneyBible remembers… Read More »