Survey of Training Needs

Facing the Challenge are running a survey of the training needs for church and cell group leaders. If you fit into either category (or if you have a friend who does) take a look at this link. Everyone who fills out the survey will have the opportunity to win a £25 Amazon token. Question to… Read More »

More Sermons

My latest two sermons at Above Bar Church are now available online as MP3 files. They are both from the Gospel of Mark and both, interestingly enough, touch on the issue of miracles. During the second sermon there is a terrific blunder as I wandered away from my prepared script and came out with an… Read More »

Toilet tales

There’s nothing more welcoming to the traveller than a decent loo. Years of travelling in rural Africa have given me the opportunity to see some of the worst that the ‘toilet experience’ has to offer – don’t ask! However, I can still be pleasently surprised. I discovered this rather splendid blue and white bowl on… Read More »


I’m posting from Vichy in the centre of France where I’m spending a couple of days with SIL colleagues who are moving on to new assignments. For the last ten years, Ric and Cathy have been supporting people who were studying French in preparation for work in Africa. I’m visiting to say thanks for everything… Read More »

Christian Therapists’ Network

On Saturday I went up to London to spend a day with the council of the Christian Therapist’s Network. Now before anyone gets the wrong end of the stick, these are therapists in the British English sense of the word; physiotherapists, speech therapists etc, I wasn’t there for therapy in the US sense of the… Read More »

July 7

A year ago I was driving Dave, Sam and a family friend Luke for a day out at the British Army Tank museum (a great place, incidently). The traffic was heavy, so I turned on the radio to get the traffic report. One of the first things we heard was that there had been multiple,… Read More »

African Bible Commentary

Many thanks to Andrew Jones (tallskinnykiwi) for posting information about the New Africa Bible Commentary. This publication by SIM is described as being the first one-volume Bible commentary to be written in Africa by Africans for African churches. It certainly is good news to see a commentary written by Africans and addressing the questions that… Read More »


Brian Russell has just made an excellent posting on sanctification. I think that we can begin to rearticulate the holiness message for the 21st century in the inner cites (and around the world) by committing to speaking about holiness in positive terms rather than primarily in the negative. Holiness is not merely about the elimination… Read More »