African Bible Commentary

Many thanks to Andrew Jones (tallskinnykiwi) for posting information about the New Africa Bible Commentary. This publication by SIM is described as being the first one-volume Bible commentary to be written in Africa by Africans for African churches. It certainly is good news to see a commentary written by Africans and addressing the questions that… Read More »

Learning to Speak Human

Bible Translation is essentially about communicating the Gospel; finding ways to re-express the eternal truths of the Scriptures in a new languages. However, communicating the Gospel is not merely a task for the specialist, it is something that every Christian is called to be involved in. Brian Russell has started a series of posts on… Read More »

Theology and Bible Translation

For the last week or so, I’ve been meaning to write something more substantial in response to the comments about theological bias in Bible Translation which were raised by my recent post on translation and unity. However, in the interim, Mike Sangrey has placed an excellent post on his blog Exegetitor which covers the same… Read More »


Brian Russell has just made an excellent posting on sanctification. I think that we can begin to rearticulate the holiness message for the 21st century in the inner cites (and around the world) by committing to speaking about holiness in positive terms rather than primarily in the negative. Holiness is not merely about the elimination… Read More »

Bible Translation Blogs

I’ve just spent a few minutes reordering the links section (in the left hand side bar). I’ve included a section on Bible Translation Blogs; this includes a couple of blogs specifically related to Bible translation and by Bible translators and others by people working to support Bible translation around the world. While I was using… Read More »

Christian Centre of Gravity

This is an essay which I wrote for my Contemporary Theologies of Mission Module. Sorry, it is rather lengthy, but it might be of interest to some – it takes a different spin on the issue of the relationship between the growing church in the South and the Churches in the traditional Western homeland of… Read More »

Singing the Bible

Bible translator David Ker has recorded demos of a number of songs and made them available at Soundclick. For the most part, the songs are Scripture set to music. Give them a listen, they are worth it. This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites,… Read More »

Changing things around

You might notice, if you look closely, that there have been a few changes to the layout of this site. Thanks to the good work of Rob Miller at roblog, I’ve been able to make the book review and library section a bit more obvious. You can now get an overview of the books that… Read More »