Saturday in Fianar

Well, I'm almost half way through my trip and I think I may have got the water system sussed here. Since the water is heated by solar panels, there is hot water in the evenings, but it's not necessarily still warm by the morning, so best to shower in the evening. Then from mid-morning to … Continue reading Saturday in Fianar

Sidebars and Internet Explorer

Thank you to the friend who pointed out that the sidebars of have not been showing up in Internet Explorer, but were showing up in Firefox and Opera. Apologies to the friend (you know who you are!) who first said that the site wasn't working, but I didn't believe her because it looked fine … Continue reading Sidebars and Internet Explorer

Safe Arrival in Fianarantsoa

On Friday it took 10 hours to fly from Paris to Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar. Then on Sunday it took us almost 10 hours to drive the more or less 400 km from Tana to Fianarantsoa. It wasn't quite as bad as I expected or had been led to believe and I managed not to … Continue reading Safe Arrival in Fianarantsoa

Sue In Madagascar: First Report

Five thirty in the morning; Southampton airport. Sue set off for her consuting trip to Madagascar. Her first flight is the short hop over to Paris and then she has a ten hour flight down to Antananarivo where she should arrive about midnight local time. Tomorrow, Saturday, she will be in Antananarivo all day, spending … Continue reading Sue In Madagascar: First Report

Don’t let your left foot know what your right foot is doing…

I've had a bad week with things going wrong! As Sue mentioned in her last post, I left my wallet in a friend's car last week. It was returned with the contents intact, but by then all of our credit cards had been cancelled just in case. Now, Amazon, our ISP and all of the … Continue reading Don’t let your left foot know what your right foot is doing…