Roger Welch: Sermon on Supporting Bible Translation

Roger Welch, of Merland Rise Church (and Wycliffe Bible Translators) has an interesting sermon based on Acts 16 about supporting Bible translation in India. The sermon addresses issues of particular relevance to Merland Rise Church, but also looks at some of the bigger ethical issues mission support both for national missionaries and expats. The sermon… Read More »

Jesus and the DaVinci Code

Focus have just developed a fascinating site looking at the evidence for the DaVinci code. If you’ve read the book you probably know that Dan Brown, the author, says in his introduction: All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in this novel are accurate. He then goes on to undermine many of the… Read More »

Dog biscuits and life

Most of us have different parts of our life which are lived more in parallel. The people at work don’t know our friends at home and so on and it isn’t always comfortable when two different domains come into contact. I had a small and rather embarssing demonstration of that this morning in the gymn.… Read More »

A Gap in My Knowledge.

A History of Christian Mission by Stephen Neil  Much though I hate admitting that I don’t know something, the last few weeks have shown up something that should have been obvious to me: a large slice of church history is a complete blank. I suspect I’m not alone amongst Evangelical Protestants in somehow feeling that… Read More »

Short Term Mission

If you’ve come here looking for the stuff from the Above Bar short term mission seminar, you’ve missed the page. This is what you are looking for! But take a look around the rest of this site before you move on! This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any… Read More »

The Pope on the Bible

I discovered the following quote from an interview on Pub Philospher (what a great name for a Blog). It comes from an interview given by Father Joseph Fessio, a friend of Pope Benedict’s. In the interview, Father Fessio remembered a conversation with the Pope concerning Islam’s ability to adapt to modern culture. The Pope gives… Read More »