Why is Bible Translation Important?

We have been involved in Bible translation for over twenty years now. Obviously, we think that translating the Scriptures is vitally important and we’ve posted things elsewhere on this website that indicate why. However, I’d be very interested to know what reasons others have for thinking that Bible translation is important. Why, should people in… Read More »

Are Sisters Brothers

I really must get round to writing something myself in the next few days. In the meantime, there is another excellent article on the Better Bible Blog entitled Are Sisters Brothers? This gives a great insight into the problems that Bible translators can face with seemingly simple terms when one language does not completely overlap… Read More »

Translation and Gender Issues

Gordon Tisher of the Balafon blog has posted an interesting article on translation and gender issues. He is specifically commenting on some of the questions raised by the Inclusive edition of the NIV, but he actually gives a good basic introduction to what Bible translation is all about. It’s well worth a read, though it… Read More »

A Good Blog

I spent some time today looking at different Bible translation blogs (you would be surprised – then again, perhaps not) at how many they are. I’ve put a few links lower down. I thought this one was worth highlighting, if only for the brilliant name: Sans Blogue! This post is more than a year old.… Read More »

Investing in Volunteers

In a week or two’s time, I’m due to lead a session on ‘Investing in Volunteers’. I’m not entirely sure how I got myself into this and I’m far from sure about what I should say. If anyone reading this has any experience (good or bad) of being a volunteer or in managing volunteers in… Read More »