Christian Core Values

The admirable Brian Russel of Real Meal Ministries has posted a short piece entitled A "New" Ethos. It's a super little article on the purpose of the Christian Church which picks up some of the themes that I developed in my sermons last weekend. If I were stuck on a desert island and only allowed … Continue reading Christian Core Values

Why I think Bible Translation is Important.

This is a rough piece of work that I vaguely hope will become the basis for my MTh thesis. I’m putting it out in public view now so that I can get feedback and ideas which will help me develop my thoughts. I would really value any comments you might make. Please log on below … Continue reading Why I think Bible Translation is Important.

What I did on my non-holidays

Waiting in line for passport control at Bole airport in Addis Ababa, I had plenty of time to talk to my neighbours; a couple from Manchester who were on their way home after a few weeks touring the country. They told me that they had done the usual tourist trail visiting Gonder and other exciting … Continue reading What I did on my non-holidays