A Good Blog

I spent some time today looking at different Bible translation blogs (you would be surprised – then again, perhaps not) at how many they are. I’ve put a few links lower down. I thought this one was worth highlighting, if only for the brilliant name: Sans Blogue! This post is more than a year old.… Read More »

Investing in Volunteers

In a week or two’s time, I’m due to lead a session on ‘Investing in Volunteers’. I’m not entirely sure how I got myself into this and I’m far from sure about what I should say. If anyone reading this has any experience (good or bad) of being a volunteer or in managing volunteers in… Read More »

Work Life Balance

A few weeks ago I was asked to teach a session on Time Management on the Learning to Serve course here in Southampton. This was a bit of a joke given how much I struggle with time management myself, however the session seemed to go well and I was congratulated for being the only person… Read More »

Is God No Fun?

This is the title of an Evangelistic Lunchtime talk which I have agreed to give at Southampton University. I wonder, does anyone reading this have any profound thoughts on this subject they would like to share? I think you should be able to comment below (there should be a ‘comment’ button somewhere). If not, send… Read More »

What is Christian Mission?

I’ve been mulling over the question of the nature of Christian mission for a while now. I’ve not come up with anything new – others have looked at this in more depth and with more knowledge than me. However, I am repeatedly struck by the way that many evangelicals stick to using the Great Commission… Read More »

Interesting DVD’s

No, I’m not about to suggest a movie that you might want to watch (though, in passing, we watched Alexander last night and I really wouldn’t reccomend that you waste your time on it – there are better ways of wasting two and a half hours). A couple of friends have recently produced Christian Training… Read More »