Jesus: Marriage and Divorce

In my sermon at Above Bar Church this evening, I mentioned a paper which was of interest – you can find it here. If you have any thoughts on the paper, or on the sermon, I’d be grateful if you left a comment. If you would like to listen to the sermon itself, you can […]

Africa Politics

Good News: Bad News

The BBC News website has a very optimistic article about a new treatment for malaria which could save the lives of many thousands of African children. It’s hard for us, living in the West, to appreciate how difficult and how prevalent malaria is in other parts of the world. Any treatment which can help it […]

Observations Politics

100 People

What would the world look like if the population were reduced to 100? There is an excellent and very informative short movie on this site which is well worth a look. This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no […]

Africa Computing/Internet

Brand’s Beat

My friend John Brand of AIM has just started a new blog and has been friendly enough to give us a mention. John is the European director of AIM and I’m sure that his blog will develop as a good source of information on the Christian scene in Africa. This post is more than a […]

Bible Translation Mission

Better Bibles Blog: The foolish things of this world

Suzanne McCarthy has just made a terrific post at Better Bibles Blog which, to my mind, captures some of the real missional spirit of Bible translation. In the end it isn’t all about technical questions or whether the NIV is better than the ESV, it’s about our God reaching out to his broken world. Link […]

Mission Reviews

More on Carson and the Emerging Church

Almost a year ago, I wrote a review of Carson’s book on the Emerging Church. At the time, i wasn’t too impressed by the book which seemed to imply that any new forms of church life would inevitably unorthodox in their theology. However, anyone who is even slighlty au fait with the emerging scene knows […]

Family News Humour Mission

Cricket lovely cricket!

This post needs a cross-cultural warning. People who were not brought up in the British Commonwealth struggle to understand why cricket is so fascinating. I’m afraid that I can’t help much with that, but those who don’t love cricket do have my sympathy – you are missing a wonderful thing! I spent eight hours yesterday […]


Spam, spam, spam, spam, spaaam!

Overnight, we were hit by about two hundred spam comments advertising gambling on US sports. At least that’s what they said they were doing, I didn’t follow any of the URL’s to check. I don’t care! We do have moderation software installed that doesn’t allow suspicious comments to be posted to the site without me […]

Bible Translation

Better Bibles Blog: Translating the genitive construction

There is an excellent post at Better Bibles Blog on translating Greek genitives. This may not sound the most exciting subject under the sun – but it is one of them. A genitive is a possessive structure such as ‘coals of fire’ (to quote the AV) and Greek uses them all over the place in […]


Theology and Pictures

Thanks to Dave Burke for the link to David Niblack’s web page. Here you can find some theology articles, lots of nice photographs and some free PowerPoint templates. It’s well worth a visit. The image below is an example of David’s pictures. Click on it to see more. This post is more than a year […]