They’ll Do It Our Way

I get the impression from some writers and opinion formers in the West that they won’t respect church leaders in Africa (and elsewhere) unless they are fluent in Western (generally, Reformed) theology. In other words, unless Africans think and talk like us, we won’t listen to them.

Mission Agencies and the Future

Today’s missionaries are refugees witnessing to Christ in tent cities across the globe, Philipino taxi drivers sharing their faith as they drive their cabs in the cities of the Middle East, Chinese businessmen working in Africa, African students at universities in secular Europe, Brazilian church planters in Asia and British believers serving under local church leadership in Latin America.

Humble Mission

If we are to be truly humble in mission, the western church will need to rethink it’s strategies, goals and Perspectives and get back to studying the Scriptures with people from other parts of the world and seeking God’s strategies, goals and perspectives.

Multicultural Church Part 1

Different languages and cultures were God’s idea in the first place. The gospel makes all races equal, but it doesn’t make us all the same, differences are preserved.