The Church In Madagascar

As Sue starts to think about packing for her next trip, I thought this quote from The Penguin History of the Church: History of Christian Missions by Stephen Neil might interest you: When a reckoning was made it was found that the Christians were four times as many as they had been at the beginning […]

I pray for the world: Madagascar

Imagine for a moment that you have only ever heard God’s word in a language other than the one you speak with your family and friends. Suppose the only time you have heard the Bible read to you it has been in French or Spanish. You probably wouldn’t understand very much and you certainly wouldn’t […]

Skip to Madagascar

Most days we walk across the Southampton University campus on our way to the common. Generally there are students handing out flyers and advertisements. For the most part, these are for night clubs are student entertainment events and the people handing them out tend just avoid looking at the middle aged couple with the dog […]


Sue returned from Madagascar over three weeks ago, but in that time we’ve more or less passed like ships in the night, with me being in Africa for a week and Sue spending most of the rest of the intervening time with her mum who is very ill. However, we’ve managed to grab a few […]

Translation Workshop Week 3

Well, the weather seems to be warming up somewhat – we are no longer huddled in jumpers and jackets in the mornings. On Saturday we had the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and go walking in the hills about 20 miles south of Antsirabe. It was really good to get out of town and to […]

Translation travails

I suppose 6 deg C isn’t that cold – but it certainly feels it without heating! The days are starting cold and if there is a cloudless sky, it warms up to 22 or 23 deg, cooling again as soon as the sun goes down around 6 pm. Coming from England, these are temperatures I’m […]

News from Antsirabe

I thought I’d had a long journey from Southampton to Antsirabe in central Madagascar. I left home at 5 am on Saturday, flew via Paris to Antananarivo where I stayed the night in a hotel and continued by winding, mountainous road to Antsirabe on Sunday, arriving after dark. That was until I met some of […]