Interesting DVD’s

No, I’m not about to suggest a movie that you might want to watch (though, in passing, we watched Alexander last night and I really wouldn’t reccomend that you waste your time on it – there are better ways of wasting two and a half hours). A couple of friends have recently produced Christian Training […]

Product Placement

There has been some recent criticism of BBC television dramas, saying that the producers have taken payments from companies in return for displaying the products of those companies during the dramas. It is claimed that this allows companies to effectively get cheap advertising from the BBC, where overt advertising is banned. In the same spirit, […]

Books and Stuff

I’ve just finished my first study week at Spurgeon’s College. It was an interesting, though tiring time. One of the great things about starting a new course is that it gives me the excuse to buy more books. Though fortunately for the Arthur family budget, we already own quite a few of the books that […]

Electronic Bibles

The team who are working together here in Manila start of their day with a short time of Bible study and prayer. This morning, I noticed that not one of us sitting round the table had a paper Bible open. Each of us was using a Bible in one electronic format or other. These days, […]

Church at the Flicks!

I went to Church in a cinema yesterday. Christ’s Commission Fellowship in Manila is a huge Christian Community. The main service is held in a very large building, but still there isn’t enough room for everyone, so the service is relayed to two cinema’s nearby. Being a conservative type, I expected to find following the […]

A Failed Missionary?

I preached on Jonah 4 yesterday. I was really struck by how Jonah seemed to be totally untouched by his experience of preaching to the people of Nineveh. If you put his initial running away and the incident of the whale on one side for a moment, Jonah seems to have been an incredibly succesful […]

DA Carson on the Emerging Church

Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church: Understanding a Movement and its Implications

Holiday Photographs

If you would like to see a few more of the Arthur’s holday photographs, you can do so by clicking here. There are a few panoramic pictures of Lake District scenes that I’m really pleased with, but there don’t seem to be many pictures of the family, David and I being particularly noticable by our […]

Missiological Myths

The AIM Summer Magazine has a number of excellent articles including one by John Brand, the UK director. On page ten of the magazine, John looks at the suggestion that the world needs the Western church in order to know God. In a short, but very instructive article, he points out the importance of cross […]

Christians Quoting

Christians Quoting I’ve often found helpful quotes for sermons and talks at Graham Week’s page which has recently moved to a new server. If like me, you can’t be bothered to read the complete works of Shakespeare, but you still want to quote the Bard, then Graham’s website is just the place for you. This […]