The Shifting Centre of Gravity

I’ve often written about the shifting centre of gravity of the world church, but I could probably have saved myself at least a thousand words by posting this map that I found on twitter. The picture was provided by Conrad HackettĀ and you can see the full thing either by clicking on the map itself or […]

The Christian Centre of Gravity

The nice people at Wycliffe Australia have put my essay about the changing face of the World Church on their website. I suspect this is the last time that I’ll be listed alongside such luminaries as Patrick Johnstone and Philp Jenkins, but I’ll take the kudos while I can! The title of my essay isn’t […]

Christian Centre of Gravity

This is an essay which I wrote for my Contemporary Theologies of Mission Module. Sorry, it is rather lengthy, but it might be of interest to some – it takes a different spin on the issue of the relationship between the growing church in the South and the Churches in the traditional Western homeland of […]

Andrew Walls: The Serial Expansion of Christianity

By the time Christianity was receding in Europe, the churches of Africa, Asia and Latin America were coming into their own. The movement of Christianity is one of serial, not progressive, expansion.

A Future Billy Graham?

In a diverse, multilingual, multi-media world, the need is not for one towering figure like Billy Graham, but for a myriad of people, fired up by his passion and his convictions about the Scriptures.

The New Faces of The Mission Movement

The western mission agency is declining to some extent. But if you see the whole world as being involved it balances that overall. What God is doing around the world is incredible.

Books I Have Read: Liberating the Gospel

Revelation did not descend out of a clear blue sky to a person living a life of tranquility and undisturbed intellectual reflection.

Who is Driving?

it would be a grave mistake for Christians in the West to imagine that they are somehow in a position to predict, far less to control, the precise shape and nature of the twenty-first century Christianity

Ten Books That Have Shaped My Ministry

Ten books that have impacted my life and ministry. These may not be the ten ‘best’ books I’ve read, but they are the ones that have had the most impact.

The West is Not the Future of the Church

Some reflections on the shift of the centre of gravity of the church and a suggestion as to what our problem is and how we might deal with it.