The Gospel and Culture: The Message of the Bible

Over a month ago I wrote a post on the relationship between the Gospel and culture which has since expanded into five longer posts – of which this is the final part.  In the original post I wrote: …in any culture, we must take the Bible as a whole and read and teach in the […]

The Gospel and Culture: Different People See Different Things

This is my fourth post in a series expanding the ideas originally contained in a short blog post on the way in which the Gospel interacts with different cultures. So far, I’ve set out that the Christian message does not belong to any one cultural setting, but can in fact make itself at home in […]

The Gospel and Culture: A Part of the Furniture

This is the third part of a series expanding on a short post about the contextualisation of the Gospel. You can find the original piece here. Christian communities very rapidly confuse their own cultural expression of Christianity with the Biblical pattern… In my earlier posts in this series, I started off with the image of […]

The Gospel and Culture: The Gospel Makes Itself at Home

This is the second in a series of posts expanding my thoughts on contextualisation of the Gospel which you can find here. In the first post in this series, I suggested that the Gospel is Homeless, that is there is no such thing as a the definitive Christian language or culture. However, the opposite side […]

The Gospel and Culture: the homeless Gospel

A few days ago, I posted a short piece on the Gospel and Culture with five bullet points. I want to unpack each of these points in a series of posts over the next wee while, starting (somewhat strangely) with the first point: The original language and culture of the Gospel are not sacred… this […]

The Gospel and Culture

There is a fascinating blog discussion going on between Andrew Jones of Tall Skinny Kiwi and Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs on the subject of the contextualisation of the Gospel. As is the case with Internet conversations the whole thing becomes a mishmash of links and comments and it’s hard to step into it half way […]

Books I Have Read: Abide and Go

The central thesis of this book has been the following: Johannine spirituality fundamentally consists in the mutual indwelling of the Triune God (Father, Son, and Spirit) and Jesus’ disciples such that disciples participate in the divine love and life, and therefore in the life-giving mission of God, thereby both demonstrating their likeness to God as God’s children and becoming more and more like God as they become like his Son by the work of the Spirit. This spirituality can be summarized in the phrase “abide and go,” based on John 15.

Books I Have Read: The 3D Gospel

The gospel is richer and more all-encompassing than our social frameworks, but most of us are not able to think outside of the mind-set that we grew up with. This book will help you do just that.

Bible and Mission Links 39

In which I am almost persuaded of the need for more translations of the Bible in English and lots of other stuff.

Bible and Mission Links 38

Some interesting stuff, some encouraging stuff and some downright disturbing stuff. A roundup of things that have caught my eye over the last month or two.