Kouyanet Reader: John James

A UN journalist (and all round good-bloke) shares why he reads Kouyanet (and suggest that it needs a name change).

Kouyanet Reader: Archdruid Eileen

The people of our world are marvellously diverse. There hundreds of different languages. People, wherever they live, have their own cultures – distinguish between places a little way away in exactly the same way that people who aren’t from Warrington distinguish themselves from people from Warrington.

Kouyanet Reader: Phil Arthur

I read Eddie’s blog because it is a stimulus and a challenge to me. When I’m at my best, I like being made to think and to question assumptions. (I phrased it in that way because at my worst, I can be just as defensive and intellectually torpid as the next man.)

Kouyanet Reader: Judy Short

Jesus words in John 20:21 have been significant in helping me develop a different missionary perspective – ” As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” I see now that the special call doesn’t matter, the place doesn’t matter, what does matter is the Jesus has sent me and I am as “sent” here as others are “sent” there. Jesus told his early disciples to be disciples who make disciples. Does he say the same to us? Obvious answer – “Yes”.

Kouyanet Reader: David B.

Meet Kouyanet reader, David Bunce. Latterly of St Andrews, David is now a pastoral assistant in Vienna. He bakes bread, reads Karl Barth and is interested in languages; what a nice guy!

Kouyanet Readers

A plea for help from the esteemed and highly intelligent readers of Kouyanet.

Books of the Year 2019

Dominion by Tom Holland is undoubtedly the best book I have read this year, but there were other good ones, too.

Books I Have Read: Mission Shaped Church…

the best way to engage a multicultural context effectively in mission is through a multicultural missionary community. Otherwise Christianity becomes a dividing force that socializes people into segregated congregations when they live multiculturally at work, at school, and practically everywhere else.

Books I Have Read: Dominion

I may read a better book this year, but with only three months left, it seems highly unlikely unless something really good crosses my desk. Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind is readable, interesting, highly informative and it is important; whoever you are, you should read it.

There is More to Mission than the Great Commission

Our theology impacts the way we do mission; whether we think in those terms or not.