Lamin Sanneh: 1942-2019

One of the most important Christian thinkers and influencers in the world died yesterday. Sadly, most evangelicals in Britain will not even have heard of him.

Lamin Sanneh on Religious Language

Because of its concern for translations that employ the speech of the common workaday world, Christian proclamation has had a populist element. In many traditional societies, religious language has tended to be confined to a small elite of professionals. In extreme cases, this language is shrouded under the forbidding sanctions of secret societies and shrines, […]

Reflections on Bible Translation

The centre of this Good News is the creation of indigenous redeemed communities expressing the Gospel manifold cultures and all adding together to create a symphony of praise to our God.

Reasons for Bible Translation: The Bible

The way in which the Bible is written shows that translation is permissible – but we can’t say more than that.

Some Quotes on Globalisation

This new situation also has consequences for how we think about mission. The most obvious is that mission is no longer a Western monopoly or privilege.

Mission, Colonialism and the Imperative of Translation

The current research has challenged the standard accusation against Christian mission according to which it constituted “colonization of the mind.” Similarly, the accusation that missionaries served as agents of “cultural imperialism” has been subjected to critique.

Readings in Mission and World Christianity

Books that any student of mission studies or world Christianity must read.

Posts from the Past: The Homeless Gospel

You cannot impose a language or cultural standards (dress, music, use of time) on people saying that this is Christian language or culture. There is no such thing – the Christian faith simply does not work that way.

Posts from the Past: Why I think Bible Translation is Important

This one goes back to March 2006. I’d write something rather different today, but there is some interesting thoughts here. This is a rough piece of work that I vaguely hope will become the basis for my MTh thesis. I’m putting it out in public view now so that I can get feedback and ideas […]

Books I Have Read: Christianity – The Biography

There is no doubt about it, Christianity the Biography is the best short, one-volume history of the Church that I have read. I have no hesitation in suggesting that you go out and buy it. However, I do have some questions about whether or not it succeeds in achieving what it sets out to do.