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Books I Have Read: The Heart of Church and Mission

I’m forever banging on about books that I believe that church and mission leaders should read. This one is short, cheap and absolutely essential reading. I seriously can’t imagine an excuse why you would not buy it.

Books I Have Read: August 2015

Five novels, a book about the Tour De France and another about the Church and mission – my light reading for August.

Books I Have Read: Early Christian Mission Volume 1

A short and rather inadequate review of a big and rather excellent book, with another volume to come.

Books I Have Read: Church Planting in Europe

A worthwhile reflection on mission in one of the hardest places in the world.

July 2015 Reading

One great novel, one good one, two indifferent ones and three (surprisingly) irritating ones alongside two history books of varying quality; my non-work reading for the month.

Books I Have Read: Summoned From the Margin

An excellent and thought provoking autobiography that is well worth a read.

Books I Have Read: A Wilderness of Mirrors

In summary; if you are looking for a well thought through presentation of the Christian message against the background of contemporary culture, you won’t do much better than this.

June Reading 2015

Four murder mysteries, two books of military history and a science-fiction novel: my leisure reading for this month.

Books I Have Read – Evangelical Christian Missions: An African Perspective

A┬áchurch in Ibadan, Nigeria is currently supporting over 250 missionaries. This church devotes to Missions 10% of all the offerings and tithes collected. In addition, every department, cell group, activity group in the church has a missionary field… Read More

Some Work To Be Done

I am rather concerned that mission practitioners and missiologists are developing theories and strategies which are built on rather shaky theological foundations.

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