Eddie and Sue Arthur

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Thesis Abstract

What I’ve spent the last four years working on.

The Misdirection of Metrics

The thing is, when we concentrate on measuring deliverables such as finance and recruitment, we can ignore the elephant in the room – what exactly should the agency be doing in this day and age?

Caught in the Mobilisation Trap

Mission agencies face a crisis and they cannot simply mobilise their way out of it.

Books I Have Read: Churches and Missions Agencies Together

A very worthwhile book for anyone involved in mission support or partnerships.

Unsolicited Advice Two: It’s Not All About You

In seeking to promote their own work, mission agencies can (intentionally or unintentionally) sideline other people. This isn’t good!

Unsolicited Advice One: Explain

It isn’t enough for mission agencies to tell exciting stories about their work. I give four reasons why they should explain why they do what they do – and I make a cheeky comment about preaching.

Where British Mission Agencies Work

A brief look at some statistics about the history and geography of British mission agencies (it’s more interesting than it sounds).

Bible and Mission Links 34

A funny video, a very serious video, some deep thoughts and an overview of my research; highlights from this week.

A Short Introduction To What We Do

Sue and I do very different things, but they all contribute to the broader work of mission around the world. This video gives a brief introduction to what it is we do.

A Step In The Right Direction?

“While the Western mission enterprise has played a significant role in the more recent spread of the gospel, changes in its assumptions and practices are long overdue and absolutely necessary.” But…

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