Kingdom Mission

Anyone who calls what they are doing “kingdom work” but who does not present Jesus to others or summon others to surrender themselves to King Jesus as Lord and Savior is simply not doing kingdom mission or kingdom work. They are probably doing good work and doing social justice, but until Jesus is made known, it is not kingdom mission.

Canon Fodder

The way in which God pulled the Bible together is altogether remarkable. He could have written the words himself, or he could have given us a definitive list of what to include and what not to include. Instead, the relational God embarked on a process that took over a thousand years, to work with people. He inspired some to write down their understanding and experiences of his actions and he helped others to draw together these writings into the collected whole we have as the Bible today. The Bible itself is one of the most amazing demonstrations of God’s desire to draw people into relationship with him.

Books I have Read: The Sea Walker

If you enjoy good fiction, you will enjoy The Sea Walker: A Bible Mystery Story by Cedric Longville. This is an enjoyable story set at the point where Constantine had ordered the first mass production of Christian Scriptures. The plot is obviously speculative, but it is none the worse for that and some of the insights into people and theological issues are fascinating. Unfortunately, it is only available on Kindle, but I wouldn't be surprised if a print publisher picked up on it soon.

Why On Earth A Book?

I tend to carry my bible around as an app on my phone; it’s there (in numerous languages and versions) whenever I want it. But I know full well, that in a few years time, technology will have moved on an my app will be useless. Meanwhile, the battered paper Bible which sits on my desk and fits perfectly in my hand when I’m preaching, will still be there.

Biblical Basis: Taxonomy of Mission 1

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to post four or five short pieces that explore the different ways that approaches to Christian mission can be categorised. I'm sure that this isn't new, but it's the first time I've done it. These are not academic posts, so don't expect lots of footnotes and references. This article … Continue reading Biblical Basis: Taxonomy of Mission 1