Throwback: Bible Version Generator

Thinking of publishing a new translation of the Bible in English? Let me help you find a suitable name for your work with this simple tool.

Throwback: Translating and Being Translated

This piece from 2008 was adapted from an article that I’d been asked write on Bible translation. I’ve no idea where that article appeared. The role of a Bible translator is to adapt Scripture in an appropriate fashion for a given cultural and linguistic setting. The translated text does not cease to be God’s word, […]

Books I Have Read: The Art of Bible Translation

I found this book rather frustrating and sometimes irritating. But it is a good book and deserves to be read.

The Bible Is Complicated

the Bible itself does not generally exhibit the clarity to which its modern translators aspire

Bible and Mission Links 40

There must be something of interest here; even if you don’t watch the video which shows me trying to pretend that I’m not freezing cold while talking about Africa.

Throwback: Bible Translation Terms

The definitive guide to the terminology surrounding Bible Translation

Throwback Thursday: Close the Door

I thought it would be good to step back from the broader questions about mission and mission support and to focus back on Bible translation. This post by Sue is from 2015. What could be simpler than asking someone to close the door you might think? But whenever you try and translate something from one […]

Bible and Mission Links 39

In which I am almost persuaded of the need for more translations of the Bible in English and lots of other stuff.

Unity in Diversity

The New Testament paints a picture of different nations and cultures being grafted into the Christian faith, not by imposing Jewish traditions on them (Acts 15), but by breaking down the dividing wall between Jews and Gentiles and creating a new, multicultural, united people in Jesus (Eph. 2:14).

Bible and Mission Links 38

Some interesting stuff, some encouraging stuff and some downright disturbing stuff. A roundup of things that have caught my eye over the last month or two.