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Books I Have Read: Global Humility

If you do the job I do, or train others to do that job, then you should put this on your reading list.

Christianity in the Twentieth Century

A few quotes from a very good book.

Harder than You Might Think

A simple, straightforward chapter of the Bible contains a real gotcha for the translator.

Reasons for Bible Translation: God

We translate the Bible because God is who he is.

Reasons for Bible Translation: The Bible

The way in which the Bible is written shows that translation is permissible – but we can’t say more than that.

Reasons for Bible Translation: Comprehension

The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a column of army ants!

Reasons for Bible Translation: Dignity

It is difficult, close to impossible, for speakers of a prominent language like English to understand what it is like to have a minority language as your mother tongue. English speakers can assume that things will be translated… Read More

Reasons for Bible Translation: Missionaries

Bible translation as an antidote to missionaries!

Translation Isn’t Interpretation… Or Is It?

If you are translating the Bible then you are not interpreting it, right? Well, as with many issues in translation, things are not quite as black and white as many people think.

When Lord Doesn’t Mean Lord

Bible translation can be quite complicated, you know!

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