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Who Said John 3:16?

You have to get punctuation right in English if you are to convey the correct meaning. The problem is that the Greek and Hebrew Bibles don’t use punctuation, which is a relatively modern invention. 

Getting the Cart and the Horse in the Right Order

No, mission isn’t the highest priority for the church, whatever the inspirational posters say.

Love and Lust

Thoughts on love, lust and a positive vision for life, from the Sermon on the Mount.

Books I Have Read: Transcending Mission

A longish review of the most thought provoking book that I’ve read in a long time!

What is Missio Dei?

A good quote with a little bit of reflection by me.

Your Own Personal Jesus

The Christian faith stands (and falls) on the story of Jesus of Nazareth as recounted in the four Gospels. It is a religion founded in a historic event, described in four eye-witness accounts that have challenged and disturbed people through 2,000 years.

History Matters

If our version of the Christmas story is dubious, why should people trust us when we talk about the Easter story? Discussions about inn-keepers and donkeys may sound trivial, but there is a lot riding on the truthfulness of our story.

Coincidence? I Think Not

Have you noticed the parallels between the Emmaus Road narrative in Luke 24 and the story of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8? Neither had I till someone pointed them out to me.

Books I Have Read: Liberating the Gospel

Revelation did not descend out of a clear blue sky to a person living a life of tranquility and undisturbed intellectual reflection.

The Sharing Trinity

This may just be the most profound passage in the Bible on the subject of mission.

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