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When You Can’t See the Wood for The Missional Trees

Our best motivations, strategies and theologies can do nothing to heal a broken world – only Jesus can do that.

Who Says What Africa Needs?

An American author tells us what Africa needs and an African disagrees. Who should we be listening to?

Getting the Cart and the Horse in the Right Order

No, mission isn’t the highest priority for the church, whatever the inspirational posters say.

Missionary Sayings: Go, Send or Disobey

In which I question the appropriateness of a well worn Christian saying about mission.

The Great Commission: A Rose By Any Other Name

Some thoughts based on the name of a great new website.

The Cross Is Central To Mission

By dying and rising again, Jesus made it possible for sinful human beings to be forgiven and for all things in heaven and on earth to be reconciled to God. Mission which doesn’t include this message doesn’t really deserve to be called mission, in the first place.

Mission In the Old Testament

Yes we have to obey Christ’s command at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, just as we have to obey all his commands. But the Bible’s story of mission doesn’t start and end there – and nor should ours.

It’s Not About The Superstars

The main way that the Gospel is spreading around the world is through the quiet, but determined witness of Christians whose names we have never heard of (and would struggle to pronounce).

We, Indeterminate Number of Kings…

What is the message of the Magi and how do they fit into Matthew’s Gospel?

Mission, the Church and the Individual

A brilliant quote that answers the why, who, what and (too some extent) where of mission.

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