Languages Worthy of Praising God

Are you not ashamed to mention only three tongues, and to command all other nations and tribes to be blind and deaf?

Language and Mission

When Paul announced the message about Jesus Christ in Greece and Rome, he had to use all sorts of terms that had a completely different sound to his hearers than what he intended.

A Few Quotes

A few good quotes on language, culture and mission from an excellent book

Harder than You Might Think

A simple, straightforward chapter of the Bible contains a real gotcha for the translator.

Reasons for Bible Translation: Dignity

It is difficult, close to impossible, for speakers of a prominent language like English to understand what it is like to have a minority language as your mother tongue. English speakers can assume that things will be translated for them, that they can get by in foreign countries even if they don’t know the language […]

Translation Isn’t Interpretation… Or Is It?

If you are translating the Bible then you are not interpreting it, right? Well, as with many issues in translation, things are not quite as black and white as many people think.

When Lord Doesn’t Mean Lord

Bible translation can be quite complicated, you know!

Things Home Mission Can Learn: Speak

To a newcomer, a phrase such as “we will now enter into a time of worship” conveys far more background information about the person using it than it does about what is going to happen next in the service.

Mission Work and Language Learning

Language learning 1905 style!

Painting Green Thoughts With Purple Paint

The job of the translator is to find a way to express things in the target language so that they trigger the same thoughts as Paul first sparked off in the minds of his readers.