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When Dictionaries and Concordances Lie

In order to accurately translate a word, you have to look at the whole sentence or paragraph that it occurs in; it’s not enough just to look in the dictionary to see what the word could mean and take your choice. 

Madagascar: What’s in a name?

Why Madagascar is two syllables short of what it should be.

There Is No Such Thing as A Literal Translation

Let’s stop using the word “literally” when we talk about Bible translation; it literally makes my blood boil!

Words Don’t Mean What People Think They Do!

In Official Malagasy the word hazo means ‘tree’ or ‘wood’, but in the Tandroy language, the only meaning of hazo is ‘coffin’!

Pentecost, Babel and Diversity

Sometimes people say that at Pentecost, God reversed the Tower of Babel, but that is exactly what He didn’t do. At Pentecost, God underlined the linguistic diversity that He introduced at Babel.

The Future of Mission 3: Photographs and Languages

How group photographs and the use of language reflects some changes in the mission world.

MANI: Impressions

Some initial reflections on a pan-African missions’ conference, including some important lessons for other conference organisers!

Cat Lover, Barista, Follower

If you can’t spare five minutes to watch this video, then you are too busy.

All About Running (No, not that sort…)

A good translator will choose the best word or phrase to capture the meaning of the original in a particular context. In different contexts, the translation may change.

Books I Have Read; Theory to Practice in Vulnerable Mission

Two books with some strong points, but some serious weaknesses.

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