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Posts from the Past: A Guide To Mission Terminology

missio Dei: not only am I right, but God agrees with me (eg, an approach based on the missio Dei means…). This is the equivalent of playing the ‘God card’ in discussions about guidance. “God told me to do it” actually means, “I don’t need to listen to your advice”.

What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?

My observation is that mission theologians and academics speak a different language and have different concerns to mission practitioners.

What is Missio Dei?

A good quote with a little bit of reflection by me.

… For the Fish

As the internet gets increasingly fractious, we need to consciously think of ways in which we can thank and encourage those who have helped us.

Building Agencies from the Ground Up

A hypothetical scenario which looks at how an agency might change if it reflected on what God is doing across the world.

Holistic Mission and Leather Trousers

Whatever their strengths as a style statement, fig leaves are not suitable as working clothes; they don’t offer much protection from thorn bushes (I’m not speaking from personal experience, I hasten to add).

The Big Picture

Philip, who was a gifted evangelist was simply doing what evangelists do. He told people about Jesus. What he didn’t know was that he was part of God’s bigger, overarching, plan to bring people from every nation into the Christian community.

The Sending Trinity

The great news is God is building his church and when we follow him in mission we are already guaranteed to be on the winning side. It may be uncomfortable at times (and at others it’s wonderful) but the end result is promised.

Books I Have Read: Christian Mission In The Modern World

The book is a normal format paperback with just under 240 pages and it will set you back just under ten pounds if you want to get hold of either a paper copy or the ebook. Money well spent in my view.

Bible and Mission Links 32

A Bible in any language, translation into German, everlasting missionaries, the British Church today and two takes on a Latin phrase. Some of the latest blog offerings.

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