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Keep Up!

Can the old wineskin of the Western mission agencies serve the new wine of the rising world mission movement? This is a massive challenge and one which technology alone will not solve.

Little Girls Are Learning to Read

One of the things I really value about Bible translation work is not just that it makes the Scriptures available (which is brilliant in itself), but it also helps millions of women and girls to learn to read and to start to take control of their own lives.

Scripture Access 2015

Some great news about Bible translation and an awkward little niggle.

Throwback Thursday: Partners? Why not Friends?

My friends know my worst side and they still care for me and they pray for me. There is no pressure to maintain an image with my friends. I wonder how many missionaries are good enough friends with the people they have come to serve, that they dare let the image slip for a while?

Missions’ Commission Round Table

Some thoughts, notes and reflections on a three-day mission roundtable meeting. With some pretty photographs.

Should Wycliffe Bible Translators Exist?

It is clear that some kingdom work cannot be done by a church, a family of churches, a denomination or stream, or an apostolic team on their own. In such cases, for example, the work of Bible translation, it is important that agencies like Wycliffe Bible Translators work alongside and serve the local churches.

Kouyanet Reader: David B.

Meet Kouyanet reader, David Bunce. Latterly of St Andrews, David is now a pastoral assistant in Vienna. He bakes bread, reads Karl Barth and is interested in languages; what a nice guy!

My Story Is Only A Part of a Much Bigger One

God has been at work through history; from Genesis to Revelation. Anything we do for him is, at best, a small part in that much bigger story.

Bible Translation: Statistics and Needs

The latest updates in Bible translation statistics lead to some musings about the difficulty of of research into biological organisms and ends with a good Yorkshire phrase.

Au Revoir Wycliffe

Over the last 30 years we have studies linguistics and French and lived in France, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. We spent six years in an isolated village with no running water or electricity and another six years in one of the biggest cities in Africa. We’ve been involved in grass roots translation work, mission leadership and various training and consulting roles; we’ve packed a fair bit in! We’ve also made some amazing friends from all across the world.

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