Should Wycliffe Bible Translators Exist?

It is clear that some kingdom work cannot be done by a church, a family of churches, a denomination or stream, or an apostolic team on their own. In such cases, for example, the work of Bible translation, it is important that agencies like Wycliffe Bible Translators work alongside and serve the local churches.

Au Revoir Wycliffe

Over the last 30 years we have studies linguistics and French and lived in France, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. We spent six years in an isolated village with no running water or electricity and another six years in one of the biggest cities in Africa. We've been involved in grass roots translation work, mission leadership and various training and consulting roles; we've packed a fair bit in! We've also made some amazing friends from all across the world.

50 Years of the NIV

Douglas Moo writing about Bible translation and the NIV: To claim that a word in the biblical languages has a “literal” meaning, capable of being summarized in a single English equivalent, is simply not true. Words occupy a spectrum of meaning, and the range of meaning of particular Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words is never quite the same as the range of meaning of any particular English word.