Mission Agencies and Social Media (2019)

An overview of social media use by evangelical mission agencies in the UK shows that the majority have some sort of social media presence. Those who use social media are most likely to make use of Facebook and Twitter, with YouTube and Instagram being the least popular. This is despite the fact that the generation that the agencies are seeking to mobilise are more likely to use Instagram.

Focusing on a sample of agencies shows them adopting two strategies; a minimum approach where social media is used to broadcast existing messages and a maximum strategy where the agency seeks to leverage the two-way communication potential of social media. The relative merits of these approaches are discussed.

The agencies could do significantly more to harness the power of social media both to increase cooperation within the agency sector and, more importantly, to allow the voices of Christian partners around the world to be heard without the interpolation of an agency voice.

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Keywords: Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Mission Agencies,