In addition to working as a field Bible translator, I have occupied senior leadership positions in my mission both in Africa and the UK (Including a period as CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators) as well as two years as director for strategic initiatives for Global Connections. I have served as an advisor to a number of mission agency boards and leadership teams, considering areas as diverse as the appropriate model of governance for UK charities and the impacts of current missiological thinking. During my time with Wycliffe, I was trained in a number of facilitation techniques and I have significant experience groups of various sizes move from discussion to action.

I have a Masters in Applied Theology from Spurgeon’s College and a PhD in The Theology and Practice of Mission Agencies from Leeds Trinity University. You can download my CV here and find a list of my publications in various fields on this page.

I am available to work with mission agencies and churches who are considering the shape of their involvement in world mission in a changing world. I am happy to consult face to face or online. If you would be interested in discussing how I could help you, please fill in the form below.