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Notes On Our Theology of Creation

Any theology that abandons God’s desires for the present creation will diminish the significance of God’s activity in the present,

Books I Have Read: The Mission of the Triune God

A short review of a very, very good book.

Books I Have Read: Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes

Reading Romans through an Eastern lens thus restores a more Pauline perspective by bringing together the false Western dichotomy between “spiritual” and “secular.” We need not accept the false dilemma between evangelism and social ministry.

Books I Have Read: The Missiology Behind the Story

A short review of a very good book.

Books I Have Read: Churches and Missions Agencies Together

A very worthwhile book for anyone involved in mission support or partnerships.

Books I Have Read: God in the Rainforest

This may be the best book I’ll read all year.

Books I Have Read: The Transformation of African Christianity

A rather good book, with a second half that deserves to be very widely read.

Books I Have Read: Following Jesus in Turbulent Times

An excellent book, on a familiar topic, but from a very different cultural and religious background. Read my review, then buy the book.

Books I Have Read: October 2018

Some contemporary murder mysteries, a fascinating historical novel and a rather odd, but very pleasing series set in a near-future Europe. This month’s reading.

Books I Have Read: From the Inside Out

I really wanted to like this book…

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