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Pray for Boris?

In a democratic society such as ours, we have a responsibility to make our voice heard and to vote according to our consciences. Those with strong party-affiliations should campaign and do their best to ensure that someone else forms the next government – but they still have to pray for this one. 

Justification and Group Identity

Some excellent and controversial thoughts from a very good book.

Truth Matters

Spin, fake news, alternative facts… Lies are a much bigger problem than we are willing to admit.

What’s So Great About The Status Quo?

Western Europe is at the tail end of 200 years of encroaching secular materialism that has seen the greatest regression of Christianity since the rise of Islam. We are living in anything but a golden age.

Floods and the Truth

If I can’t trust you when you are talking about events in New Orleans in 2005, or Houston in 2017, why should I believe what you say about events in Palestine in AD 30?

Race Matters in Mission

If you can’t bring yourself to strike up a conversation with your Sikh neighbour in your home town, then you probably shouldn’t consider travelling to the ends of the earth on a mission trip. 

Leadership Isn’t What You Think It Is

Leadership comes with massive privileges, but it isn’t all about exciting times planning for the future. It involves hard grind, some extremely difficult situations and a bucketload of responsibility. 

May You Live In Interesting Times!

To steal a phrase form somewhere or other, we need strong and stable government and that means a government which listens, learns and takes in advice from across the spectrum.

An Open Letter to Politicians – Who Won’t Read It

If your party wins the election, but, in the process, alienates more voters you will have done us a huge disservice.

Your Own Personal Jesus

The Christian faith stands (and falls) on the story of Jesus of Nazareth as recounted in the four Gospels. It is a religion founded in a historic event, described in four eye-witness accounts that have challenged and disturbed people through 2,000 years.

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