Leadership Isn’t What You Think It Is

Leadership comes with massive privileges, but it isn’t all about exciting times planning for the future. It involves hard grind, some extremely difficult situations and a bucketload of responsibility. 

May You Live In Interesting Times!

To steal a phrase form somewhere or other, we need strong and stable government and that means a government which listens, learns and takes in advice from across the spectrum.

An Open Letter to Politicians – Who Won’t Read It

If your party wins the election, but, in the process, alienates more voters you will have done us a huge disservice.

Not The Centre of the World

I very much doubt that crowds of people are gathering in Abidjan bars to watch Boris Johnston and David Cameron slug it out; but Ronaldo will be pulling them in.

We Are All Terrorists Now!

Anything that goes against British values risks legal sanctions. The problem is that I haven’t a clue what British values are; apart from feeling awkward in most social situations, knowing how to queue properly and believing that you can’t get a decent cup of tea abroad.

There are More Important Things Than Elections

If we are going to allow the election of one political party over another similar party to divide us; if we are going to use this as a reason to fire social-media barbs at fellow Christians, we have missed a central point of the Gospel.

A Note To British Politicians

I have said. The election campaigns will have been planned to the last detail. You will exaggerate the little differences and seek to belittle your opponents at every turn. Spin (which is just a polite way of saying ‘lie’) will take the place of truth and complex issues will be reduced to banal superficialities.

Elections and Evangelism

Politicians need to learn to tell better stories; to inspire us with a picture of the future which is rooted in present reality but which points us where they believe we need to be.

Evangelists already have a better story; they just need to tell all of it.

Render Unto Caesar…

Two senior clergy were invited on to the Today programme to have a public row about the tax, banks and leadership. I’m far from convinced that they did the right thing in accepting.

Cheap, Safe and Friendly Countries

We all have our notion of the best countries in the world – whatever that may mean. I recently came across an interesting exercise which ranked countries according to their friendliness, cheapness and safety. It’s well worth a look. It doesn’t surprise me at all that three Sahelian countries; Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal are […]