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There are More Important Things Than Elections

I am profoundly grateful that I live in a democracy; that people have the right to criticise the government and to vote for a party which more or less represents their views. There may be better systems for choosing a government, but I’m not aware of one.

However, since the election, I’ve found myself rather saddened by the reaction of Christians on both the right and the left to the result. Gloating Tories mocking the views of their Labour and LibDem Christian brothers and sisters does nothing for the Kingdom of God.¬†Nor do hysterical generalisations¬†that all Conservative voters care nothing for the poor.

Whatever our views of the election result, there is something more important than politics that unites us as Christians. On a world scale, we don’t live in a society of extremes and there is more that unites the Labour and Conservative party than there is that divides them. Just take a look at the political system in, say, Democratic Republic of Congo, if you don’t believe me. If we are going to allow the election of one political party over another similar party to divide us; if we are going to use this as a reason to fire social-media barbs at fellow Christians, we have missed a central point of the Gospel.

Meanwhile, across the world:

Top 40 Underserved and Unreached Places
Usually when you think about the “Top 40” what comes to mind is lists of the top songs played or other popular items that are sought after and prized. In one sense these places are no different. God is passionate about reaching each of these places because He loves the people who live there. But in another sense it is a bit different. These 40 places are not getting most of our attention and effort. How can we put the priority on these places that God does and what might happen if we did?

There is still a huge responsibility ahead of us. We are called to bear witness to Christ and to make disciples of all nations. This should be more important to us, as Christians, than the results of the election.

PS. the point of this post is not to debate the result of the election nor the merits of one party or the other. Comments which ignore this fact and which get into party-political factionalism will be deemed off-topic and deleted (both on this blog and on Facebook). If you want to make comments along those lines, there are plenty of other places where you can do so. 

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