Living in the Western World

The chances of conservative evangelical western Christians denying the resurrection are fairly slim… but the chances of that same group of people being seduced by the dominant values of the culture are fairly high.

Hamo rarely posts on his blog these days, but what he does post is well worth reading. Today’s piece is a disturbing challenge to western lifestyles which he sees as being seduced by an unholy trinity of career, home ownership and family.

I think that Hamo has hit the nail on the head here: I recognise the symptoms in my own life and in the wider church as we try to engage people in worldwide mission.

Just a couple of thoughts:

  • What should the balance be between ensuring that people have sound doctrine and helping them to live sound lives? How do we make these overlap in our context?
  • Does our addiction to the values of our culture make it very difficult for us to live risky lives?

Now go and read the whole of Hamo’s post.

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