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A New Society

The church’s new society doesn’t come about by people trying to be nice to each other (though that’s not a bad idea) but by people admitting their need of Jesus and by people from different backgrounds seeing their primary allegiance as being to him.

God’s Best Gift: A Playstation

As a child, I never understood how Jesus was a gift. I didn’t get to see him or play with him and I certainly never got to see him work any miracles.

Some Thoughts on Carol Services

If we are going to call something a carol service, then carols should be front and centre. If your service is going to involve four carols and a 35 minute exposition of Luke 2, don’t call it a carol service.

Christmas Isn’t That Important

How we present the birth of Jesus is important. It is not simply a prelude to a death (though it is that), but it is first of all the prelude to a life which challenges the basic assumptions of contemporary society.

The “Real” Meaning of Christmas

If we really want to get back to the origins of the festival, we should consider getting uproariously drunk in front of a blazing fire and celebrating the return of the sun.

Things Home Mission Can Learn: Don’t Look Down

Looking down on a class of people, and holding them in contempt for their reading habits, has far more to do with liberal, middle-class prejudice than it has to do with Christianity. 

Things Home Mission Can Learn: Contextualise

When Paul spoke to a Jewish audience, he started off with the story of the Jewish nation, when speaking to Greeks, he worked from inscriptions on statues and Greek poetry.

Things Home Mission Can Learn From Overseas Mission

I believe that the skills and experience of cross-cultural missionaries are crucial to the future of the church in the UK: the start of a blog series.

The Gospel as a Swiss Army Knife

People are more complex than we think they are, and the Christian message is much richer than we give it credit for.

I Think This Is Brilliant!

We don’t need more superstars we need more Gospel centered churches

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