Danger in the Rainforest?

“Brazil has put a former evangelical missionary in charge of its isolated indigenous tribes, provoking concern among indigenous groups, NGOs, anthropologists and even government officials, who fear the government of the far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, is overseeing a new push to spread Christianity among Brazil’s indigenous people.” So what?

Find A Church First?

In which I am not convinced by the idea that people should find a good church in their new location before moving house.

The Mission of The Church

“When Christian communities speak about God, by definition they have to speak about Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is simply no other God.”

For God So… What?

John 3:16 is well known and is a perfect summary of the gospel message. Or is it?

Acts and Mission 6: The Old Testament

Our job is to point people to Jesus, but in order to do that, we have to start with where they are, not with where we think they should be. This means that we have to listen and learn. 

Learn To Love Narrative

Thoughts on narrative, propositional logic and why Paul is so popular!

Getting the Balance Between World and Local Mission

When a church really grasps that God has one mission which encompasses the whole world (including your home city) and gets excited about that mission, then both “home mission” and “world mission” will thrive.

The Enlightenment and Evangelism

Some thoughts on evangelism in an Enlightenment and a post-Enlightenment paradigm. Or why convincing someone about the facts of Christianity may not be enough.

Neither Incarnational nor Seeker-Sensitive Be

Christians worshipping together and reverently celebrating the Lord’s supper is an important witness to the nature and mystery of God.

God’s Best Gift: A Playstation

As a child, I never understood how Jesus was a gift. I didn’t get to see him or play with him and I certainly never got to see him work any miracles.