A Church In God’s Image?

Imitating God in our church life certainly involves being good, generous and truthful, but it means more than this; much more.

Unity in Diversity

The New Testament paints a picture of different nations and cultures being grafted into the Christian faith, not by imposing Jewish traditions on them (Acts 15), but by breaking down the dividing wall between Jews and Gentiles and creating a new, multicultural, united people in Jesus (Eph. 2:14).

Books I Have Read: The Mission of the Triune God

A short review of a very, very good book.

The Mission of The Church

“When Christian communities speak about God, by definition they have to speak about Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is simply no other God.”

Mission Shaped by The Trinity

We [the church] are invited to participate in an activity of God which is the central meaning of creation itself. We are invited to become, through the presence of the Holy Spirit, participants in the Son’s loving obedience to the Father. All things have been created that they may be summed up in Christ the Son. All history is directed towards that end.

There is More to Mission than the Great Commission

Our theology impacts the way we do mission; whether we think in those terms or not.

Books I Have Read: Traces of the Trinity

Marine flatworms are hermaphrodites, equipped with male and female organs, which saves a lot of muss and fuss and plenty of money wasted on romantic dinners.

The Trinity Doesn’t Dance

Christianity is a revealed religion. We are simply not free to go around making up our own images and ideas about God, just because we find them helpful.

The Sharing Trinity

This may just be the most profound passage in the Bible on the subject of mission.

The Sending Trinity

The great news is God is building his church and when we follow him in mission we are already guaranteed to be on the winning side. It may be uncomfortable at times (and at others it’s wonderful) but the end result is promised.