Throwback: Aaaaaargh

To any wannabe missionaries out there; a good, prayerful, supportive home-church is absolutely vital to your work. Build up those links and don’t think you can do it on your own.

The Mission of the Spirit and the Church

Jesus is confident that the church’s mission will succeed because the church is animated by the Holy Spirit, and Jesus can completely trust the work of the Spirit in and through the church.

The Mission of The Church

“When Christian communities speak about God, by definition they have to speak about Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is simply no other God.”

A White Zulu, Cricket and the Church

Some thoughts about the church inspired by a great musician and a wonderful (if lucky) cricket team.

Character, Mission and the Local Church

If our character is an important factor in how we go about mission, then we need to ensure that the right supporting structures are in place.

Corkscrews and Pomegranates

“However some of the ways that mission agencies are structured and the systems and processes involved haven’t changed for a long time.” Discussion of a blog post from New Zealand.

The Task Unfinished: Join the Movement

There are still billions of people who have not heard about Jesus and the number is growing. Despite the amazing efforts put into world mission, the population of the globe is growing faster than our evangelistic efforts

An Introduction to Missional Hermeneutics

Three excellent videos that are well worth watching.

Austerity, Cuts and Job Losses

Financial constraints are pushing agencies towards using a funding model which may well not be sustainable. You don’t need to be an economic guru to see that there is a significant problem here.

Churches and Agencies: The Future

The way forward will be a partnership that finds a way to allow the local congregation to be the primary engine of missions while at the same time utilising the vast experience and expertise of mission bodies to equip, enable and coordinate the church in its task. The role of mission societies should be to […]