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Two “Biblical” Approaches to Mission

People are forever making claims about doing mission in a biblical way. The problem is that the Bible offers us lots of different examples of how to do mission and some of them are not altogether positive.

Bible and Mission Links 38

Some interesting stuff, some encouraging stuff and some downright disturbing stuff. A roundup of things that have caught my eye over the last month or two.

There Won’t Always Be An England!

As Christians, we have a responsibility to pray for our governments and to work for the best for our homelands. However, this should never compromise our first loyalty to the church and to Jesus. We might have the desire to make our land great again, but if this means putting others down, then as Christians we must stand against it. We are Christians first and foremost and our fellow citizens are in every country of the world, not just in the one where we happened to be born.

What Is A Christian?

Only God Knows Who Are His. The starting point has to be that God is the only arbiter of who is and who is not a Christian. We can draw our lines where we will, but we will be wrong.

Bible and Mission Links 37

Some bad stuff in orphanages, some fake Christians in the USA and some real ones in Iraq, with a few other interesting things thrown in for value.

Mission Agency Futures: The Problem

Four issues which should force mission agencies to rethink their approach to their work.

Bible and Mission Links 35

Lots of interesting stuff, but not a lot of jokes.

The Global Church Isn’t…

We readily accept that the Christian situation is very different in the North and South of England and yet we are happy to make generalisations about the “World Church”. Why?

Books I Have Read: The Transformation of African Christianity

A rather good book, with a second half that deserves to be very widely read.

Stories: East and West

Touching tributes to two greats of the contemporary church; one you will have heard of; the other, perhaps, not.

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