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Bible and Mission Links 38

Some interesting stuff, some encouraging stuff and some downright disturbing stuff. A roundup of things that have caught my eye over the last month or two.

Bible and Mission Links 37

Some bad stuff in orphanages, some fake Christians in the USA and some real ones in Iraq, with a few other interesting things thrown in for value.

Acts and Mission 4: Pentecost

If Christianity can be expressed in all languages and cultures, then it is also true that it doesn’t belong to any particular language or culture. No one can say that they own the Christian faith.

Bible and Mission Links 34

A funny video, a very serious video, some deep thoughts and an overview of my research; highlights from this week.

What Should We Call Them?

Some thoughts on the language that we use to describe people from different parts of the world than our own.

What Exactly Is Short-Term Mission?

In which I attempt to define objective criteria for distinguishing between short-term and long-term mission.

Languages Worthy of Praising God

Are you not ashamed to mention only three tongues, and to command all other nations and tribes to be blind and deaf?

Language and Mission

When Paul announced the message about Jesus Christ in Greece and Rome, he had to use all sorts of terms that had a completely different sound to his hearers than what he intended.

A Few Quotes

A few good quotes on language, culture and mission from an excellent book

Harder than You Might Think

A simple, straightforward chapter of the Bible contains a real gotcha for the translator.

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