Where Does Theology Come From?

Our understanding of the world should evolve and increase as we engage with people and cultures different to ourselves. This means we should gain a wider understanding of Scripture and have some of our long-held certainties challenged.

You Don’t Have To Eat Hummus

Following Jesus involves a radical call on our lives and we sell ourselves and our communities short when we swap that call for the middle-class dream of eating hummus in the suburbs.

How Maps Shape our Minds

Perhaps if we could adopt a mental map of the world that shows continents in their true sizes, we could also get a better picture of the true situation for the church around the world.

Throwback: Consequences and Trumpets

Putting Romans 1 and Revelation 8 next to each other and seeing what happens.

Of Whom The World Is Not Worthy

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.

Britain’s Unreached People Group

Although the British working class may not fit the classic definitions of unreached people groups, they are unreached and there are cultural, if not linguistic, barriers that the mainly middle class church will have to overcome if this slice of the population is to be reached with the gospel. Carrying on doing what we are currently doing will not work.

Not Our Problem?

It’s great to help those less fortunate than ourselves, but we don’t want to have to sit next to them in a pew on Sunday.

Books I Have Read: Africans and Africa in the Bible

Africans are not late recipients of the gospel message; they are truly a part of the Christian message and that can be seen through their history, their ethnicity, and their geography, for all three can be traced through the Scriptures.

Throwback: Donors Living By Faith

None of us can know or predict how God will use our time our energy or our finances; sometimes he brings amazing success and other times he stretches our faith by long periods of apparent failure.

Books I Have Read: The Art of Bible Translation

I found this book rather frustrating and sometimes irritating. But it is a good book and deserves to be read.