Books I Have Read: For Their Rock Is Not As Our Rock

This is an excellent introduction to the theology of religions. However, there are lots of long words and quite a few Latin phrases; it isn’t an easy read – but it is worth it.

Tennent Chapter 7: An Evangelical Theology of Religions

Brief notes on Tennent’s thoughts about a theology of religions.

Je Suis Charlie

Some thoughts on the freedom to offend and be offended and the way in which all religions are implicated in the attacks on Charlie Hebdo. (Cartoon by @davewalker)

A Missionary Encounter With World Religions

A missionary encounter with other religions rests on a twofold basis: the comprehensive scope of the gospel and an understanding of religion as a comprehensive vision and way of life.

Training Pastors and a Theology of Religions

Tragically, many seminar and divinity school programs have been slow to respond to this new situation. It is quite astonishing that theological students in the West will spend countless hours learning about the writings of a few well-known, now deceased, German theologians whose global devotees are actually quite small and yet completely ignore over one […]

Teenagers don’t believe in God

According to today’s Telegraph Nearly two thirds of teenagers don’t believe in God, according to a study by Penguin books. It also emerged six out of ten 10 children (59 per cent) believe that religion “has a negative influence on the world”. The survey also shows that half of teenagers have never prayed and 16 […]

Yet another book I need to buy…

This book from John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge who are on the editorial staff of the Economist, looks as though it will be a fascinating read. Among the books conclusions are, the fact that  religious people are healthier, wealthier and happier than the non-religious. On a less rosy note, they also cite faith as being […]

Keep your heads down…

I don’t want to alarm you, but nuclear war is due to break out today. At least so says the prophet Yisrayl Hawkins (and he’s a prophet, so he must know). If you read this tomorrow and nuclear war hasn’t broken out, don’t feel too alarmed, Prophet Hawkins has already revised his estimate twice and […]

A Dog Learns to Pray

From today’s Telegraph. Yoshikuni said Conan generally goes through his prayer routine at the temple in the capital of Japan’s southern Okinawa prefecture (state) without prompting before his morning and evening meals. I think he saw me doing it all the time and got the idea to do it, too,” Yoshikuni said. The priest is […]

Christianity is Negative…

A while ago I wrote a post entitled religion is harmful. David Couchman has a review of a book called Unchristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity…and Why It Matters which picks up a similar theme and shows that young people in the US have an overwhelmingly negative view of the Church. I’m […]