Book of the Year 2015

My best book of the year isn’t about mission, theology or history. It’s about sheep.

Books I Have Read: Sent Forth

As the West becomes more culturally diverse – moving toward multiculturalism kicking and screaming – so shall Western Christianity. This too is a work of the Spirit of God.

Books I have Read: November 2015

Three cracking good science-fiction novels, two so-so detective ones and a surprising (and accidental) missiology discovery.

Books I Have Read; Theory to Practice in Vulnerable Mission

Two books with some strong points, but some serious weaknesses.

Books I Have Read: Early Christian Mission II

Brief notes on an amazing book.

Books I Have Read: October 2015

Two military biographies, one dreadful novel, one good novel, one amazing novel and book about running silly distances: my take for this month.

Books I Have Read: Traduire Le Testament De Dieu

This is a good book and one that I would recommend to anyone who speaks French and who is interested in mission and particularly in the relationships between mission agencies and churches in Africa.

Books I Have Read: September 2015

Faerie, witches living in a world carried on the back of a turtle, death in Afghanistan and a day in the mountains; my month in leisure reading.

Books I Have Read: The Mission of God

on the one hand, the source of mission is the Church – the existing people of God, the Pentecost community – which continues Christ’s economy in a visible, sacramental and ecclesial way; on the other hand, the goal of mission is the Church as the sacrament of the kingdom, as the incorporation of creation into communion with God.

Books I Have Read: Environmental Issues

I would especially encourage anyone who doesn’t have an interest in creation or the environment to read this book because we’ve only got one planet to live on and we were commissioned to take care of it – and we don’t seem to be doing a great job.