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Books I Have Read: To Africa in Love

While I tend to prefer my novels to include a few murders and a harassed detective, Jim Harries’ book which explores some important contemporary issues in mission is worth a read.

Books I Have Read: New Foundations for Appreciating Africa

For Westerners to begin to grasp the impact of what they say and do in Africa requires a profound knowledge of what is already there

Books I Have Read; Theory to Practice in Vulnerable Mission

Two books with some strong points, but some serious weaknesses.

Books I Have Read: Vulnerable Mission

‘I have little doubt as to the good intentions of the vast majority of mission efforts from the North to the South today. I do doubt whether many practitioners in the North understand what is happening in the South.’

Vulnerable Mission

… that there should be some missionaries from the West whose ministries are conducted in the language of the people being reached, without use of outside financial subsidy.

Reflections of An American on Life in Africa

Ben has just interviewed a colleague from the US who spent three years studying in Africa. His insights are fascinating and well worth a read. How do you think your three years here will impact your future? Good… Read More

Vulnerability Inherent in Bible Translation

Jim Harries has just posted a paper of mine on the Vulnerable Mission discussion site on the subject of vulnerability in Bible translation. God the Son took on human flesh in God’s supreme missional act of self-revelation. Through… Read More

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