Books I Have Read: Christianity – The Biography

There is no doubt about it, Christianity the Biography is the best short, one-volume history of the Church that I have read. I have no hesitation in suggesting that you go out and buy it. However, I do have some questions about whether or not it succeeds in achieving what it sets out to do.

Books I Have Read: MissionShift

I no longer want to read what Americans (or Brits…) think about the reality for believers in other parts of the world. The time for books like this passed a generation ago, now we need to hear the voice of the world church.

Books I Have Read: Overturning Tables

An excellent, thoughtful book which looks at some of the underlying problems of the American mission movement.

Books I Have Read: New Foundations for Appreciating Africa

For Westerners to begin to grasp the impact of what they say and do in Africa requires a profound knowledge of what is already there

Books I Have Read: Does The Bible Really Say That?

An interesting, easy-to read, fascinating and sometimes controversial book. You won’t agree with everything, but you should read it.

Books I Have Read: Christian Mission

I’m left with mixed feelings after reading this book; there are some great parts, but as a whole it is just OK.

The Unexpected Christian Century

Christianity was supposed to die in the 20th century, swept away by the tides of rationalism and scientific atheism. However, exactly the opposite happened and the Christian faith flourished as never before; growing right across the world.

Mission In Motion

Mission remains a hotly debated topic and it would be difficult to expect a clear consensus on a single definition across the global church today.

Books I Have Read: Liberating the Gospel

Revelation did not descend out of a clear blue sky to a person living a life of tranquility and undisturbed intellectual reflection.

A Low-Salt Gospel?

Even a superficial reading of the New Testament suggests that a reluctance to be self-critical with regard to the religious traditions we have inherited is actually very odd.