Paul In One Sentence

The whole of Paul’s teaching summed up in one (very long) sentence. Can you do any better?

The Gospel and Power

The church is tempted in every age to identify with secular power, with empire, and usually to call that power divine.

A Low-Salt Gospel?

Even a superficial reading of the New Testament suggests that a reluctance to be self-critical with regard to the religious traditions we have inherited is actually very odd.

God Isn’t Tesco

I remain at the centre. I am the almighty consumer, shopping around for what suits me best, with God providing the best option for my religious life.

The Old Testament is A Good News Story

The Old Testament is, in fact, a good news story, even if the good news has not arrived yet.

The Purpose of the Old Testament

Without the biblical worldview, constituted by the biblical story, our understanding and presentation of the Gospel will be deficient.

Learning from History

Some thoughts for contemporary mission from a historical perspective.

Following in Jesus’ Footsteps?

Our ministry is derivative of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. This may seem quite obvious, and yet many missionaries act like they are the savior of their particular mission field or their particular people group.

Revisiting Old Themes

It is not too much to say that worship has a missional dimension, pushing back the powers of darkness and revealing the victory of the Lamb to the entire earthly and heavenly realms.

Doctrine and the Poor

The Israelites leaving Egypt did not have advanced degrees in theology but God didn’t hesitate to tell them all kinds of in-depth and complicated things about himself.