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Bible and Mission Links 33

Reading OT prophecy, misunderstanding the mission movement, two ways to look at consumerism and some thoughts about change.

The Whole Bible and Mission

Messianic and missional reading of the Old Testament – that’s what Jesus instructed his disciples to do. We have been fairly good at the first, but pretty lamentable at the second.

The Old Testament is A Good News Story

The Old Testament is, in fact, a good news story, even if the good news has not arrived yet.

The Purpose of the Old Testament

Without the biblical worldview, constituted by the biblical story, our understanding and presentation of the Gospel will be deficient.

Books I Have Read: Christian Mission In The Modern World

The book is a normal format paperback with just under 240 pages and it will set you back just under ten pounds if you want to get hold of either a paper copy or the ebook. Money well spent in my view.

Mission In the Old Testament

Yes we have to obey Christ’s command at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, just as we have to obey all his commands. But the Bible’s story of mission doesn’t start and end there – and nor should ours.

Biblical Basis: Taxonomy of Mission 1

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post four or five short pieces that explore the different ways that approaches to Christian mission can be categorised. I’m sure that this isn’t new, but it’s the first time… Read More

The Mission of God: Video

This is an excellent video from Hillsong; well worth a few minutes of your time. (If you came to this via an email and the video doesn’t show up, you can find it here.) This post is more… Read More

A Missional Reading of Scripture

Last month I attended the Missional Reading of Scripture Conference at Calvin Seminary in the US. It was an excellent experience and I would encourage anyone interested in mission or the Bible or both to download the talks… Read More

Questions for an Old Testament Text

I've just spent a fascinating two days at Calvin Seminary at a conference on a missional reading of Scripture. I'll probably have a little more to say in later blog posts and I will certainly be linking to… Read More

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